My Baby Shower

My husband, Kevin, and I both fell in love with Dr. Seuss a few years ago when we came across an art exhibit displaying Mr. Geisle’s work. Not that we didn’t like Dr. Seuss before, but we have seriously come to adore him. We’ve stumbled upon this same exhibit a few other times and have known since the first encounter that our future child’s nursery would have a Dr. Seuss theme.

I finally got to see my long-time vision come to life at my baby shower last month. Kevin and I decided not to find out the gender of our baby, so we picked out a neutral color scheme of red and aqua for our shower– also the colors for our nursery!

My mom and I had so much fun coming up with names for all of the food and drinks served at the shower. Of course with my passion for flowers and decorations, I found a creative way to display each food name. Some garden rocks, striped straws, and a little red paint go a long way toward making a cute tag!

The candy and dessert table may have been my favorite component of the food stations- complete with a red fish jumping out of the fish bowl!

A Dr. Seuss theme provides so many amazing opportunities to make your own treats. After all, no party is complete without some Lorax cookies!

As far as the flowers and centerpieces went, I wanted to get as Seussian of a feel as possible while staying true to my colors.

My husband’s favorite Dr. Seuss book is the Lorax, making truffula tree centerpieces a must!

Since I had complete and total creative freedom– not to mention the fact that it was my own party– I needed a statement piece! I lived creating the floral chandelier displayed in the middle of the tent.

I worked with XOXO Invites for my shower. I was super excited how our invitations turned out!

Kevin and I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who came to show us their love during our shower and for everyone who has supported us throughout this journey. I’d especially like to thank to my mom and sisters for hosting the perfect shower for our little one to come.

I am so very fortunate to have a great friend in Michelle of Michelle Cox Photography , who happened to have her camera on hand and captured photos at the shower.  Thanks to you too!

Jeffrey MaitlandComment