Where are you located?

I work out of a home studio. I typically meet clients for a coffee in Crown Point, but I’m always up for checking out a new café!

What’s the cost of your average wedding?

There really is no average. It all comes down to details like the number of bridesmaids, the number of centerpieces, and any large ceremony pieces you many want (such as an arch). Check out my wedding info for starting packages.

I don’t know anything about flowers. How do I choose?

That’s where I come in! You may not know the names of specific flowers, but you probably know what you like and don’t like when you see it. I like to work off colors and style types. If you do have a favorite flower, I’d love to know.

Is it too soon to start talking to you? My wedding is still far away.

I have a very limited staff and only take up to two weddings per day. I do book up on dates, especially during prime wedding season (June-October). Once you know your wedding date, venue(s), and colors, let’s set up time to meet.

I love your work, and I’m ready to book. What’s the next step?

Before we meet, I’d love to know a little bit about your wedding/event. Please fill out a quick questionnaire (I promise it won’t take more than about 5 minutes). For weddings, click here. For other events, click here.